My name is H.o.p. and I was born in December 1997.

I began this blog when I was nine and this was my introduction:

I still don’t know if aliens exist. I thought they could exist but I don’t know yet.

Now, let’s talk about my past. I used to draw a lot of the time and I am still drawing and learning to do animations. I also would like to do movies. I’m good at making up characters but I don’t know what should happen. I have plans to do a lot of animations like Robin Hood and The World of the Aliens and Lord of the Flies (only not ugly). I would like to do an animation of Red Wall but my mother says the characters belong to someone else, but I like it a lot. I do a lot of storyboards for my movies and I’m trying to choose which one can be perfect.

Right now I’m interested in arachnids like scorpions. Only the scorpion, because bugs freak me out.

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  1. Hi, H.o.p.
    Thanks for writing to me. I made the mistake the first time I visited, of putting my real name in, instead of my “user” name which is Purrr. 🙂
    I think you are a very talented young man. And I am proud to be your great-aunt!!!! Did you know that, H.o.p.? Yes, it’s true!!!! 🙂 Wow, huh? Have a wonderful day, honey, and remember you are very loved. Much love, Purrr

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