These are some movies about a character I like a lot. His name is Spyro and he’s a purple dragon. In the first movie, Spyro becomes an evil villain called The Dark Spyro. And he kills an ape named Gall. And then he becomes a good guy again. In the second video, this is the old type of Spyro and he’s fighting this evil sorceress. In the next one, you even get to hear what she sounds like. There’s a guy named Hunter who’s a Jaguar. And then, the next one, is about Spyro fighting this weird guy named Ripto. Man, he’s strange. The next one is where Spyro meets Cynder but it’s in fast motion. Then the next video is in normal motion.

Hope to write another post soon. Hop Art!

This is the Legend of Spyro.

Spyro vs the Sorceress

Spike is Born

Ripto’s Rage

Legend of Spyro, A New Beginning

Legend of Spyro, End Spoiler

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