Now this animation is a some clips from episodes of A Life of Animals. Maybe I will put whole episodes up.

Well, the first clip is a cowboy snake trying to get rid of a giant rock monster but his lasso broke and the rock monster fell on him in pieces. The second animation is where some pirate skeletons on the wrecked ship try to get on a big boat but two of the ones on the big boat are getting away. They’re snakes. And the third animation is where a snake finds something really weird up in the sky. Watch these and maybe you’ll see what happens next if I put up the episodes.

(Around 80 pics used)

Movie made from 89 pictures

Pics archived here.

  1. jooks says:

    Did you draw on the same picture with all the lines coming out of the pirate boat and grabbing the other one and make photographs every time you did a change or did you draw a lot of separate pictures? That part is pretty cool.

    I think it’s funny that you have a snake trying to lasso a rock monster and then being buried by the rocks! Where did you get that idea?

  2. admin says:

    Yeah! I didn’t draw a lot of different pictures. I just drew more and more on the same picture.

    I just thought the snake would be funny.

  3. cosmos says:

    Fantastic H.o.p.!! this is my fav. video so far patly because I like animals and rocks so much. Did you get those rocks from your trip out west? They look like they’re flying in the air and the way you filmed the boat on the water I got the feeling i was in another boat and feeling the waves go up down up down. I played it over and over I felt a little bit SEASKICK is that funny or what! but it was fun. Thanks Jooks for the question and h.o.p.’s answer made me watch the boat closer. Also it went a little slower I liked that. Thank you for the ride.

  4. admin says:

    Cosmos, Thank you for watching that video. I did get those rocks from the trip out west. I did. I don’t know what it’s like to be seasick but maybe you can tell me what it’s like.

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