Hi everybody! I’m glad you can come to my website. My name is H.o.p. and I am nine years old. I still don’t know if aliens exist. I thought they could exist but I don’t know yet.

Now, let’s talk about my past. I used to draw a lot of the time and I am still drawing and learning to do animations. I also would like to do movies. I’m good at making up characters but I don’t know what should happen. I have plans to do a lot of animations like Robin Hood and The World of the Aliens and Lord of the Flies (only not ugly). I would like to do an animation of Red Wall but my mother says the characters belong to someone else, but I like it a lot. I do a lot of storyboards for my movies and I’m trying to choose which one can be perfect.

Right now I’m interested in arachnids like scorpions. Only the scorpion, because bugs freak me out.

I like to watch the animations at Animation ID. I’m watching one of the animations of a man named Gene Kelly dancing with Jerry the mouse from Tom and Jerry. How can he dance like that, with a cartoon character? My mom says that they drew Jerry in. I think it’s amazing!

I will be putting up some old art work and animations and then I will soon be making some new ones and putting them up.

Bye for now.

P.S. I hope you’ll want to comment! The first time you comment you’ll have to wait to see it because mom has it set so she approves first time commentors.

  1. deeper says:

    Wow, cool blog. I’d like to see Gene Kelly and Jerry the mouse dancing. That sounds like fun. I didn’t know scorpions are arachnids. The red and black scorpion looks cool but kind of scary.

  2. gdad says:

    A super WOW for your art HOP. I had great fun watching your animations and printed some of my favorite pictures. How did you ever get that skeleton face in your Dino War animation. Really neat! Keep up the good work.

  3. admin says:

    First I found the skull in my warrior’s set of Legos. Then I put the skull on the warrior outfit and put on something that looks a lot like a helmet.

    Thank you for coming by! And I love you!

  4. Oma says:

    H.O.P., what a talented fellow you are! I knew that already, but to see all the art work you have done is great. I really enjoy your descriptions and explanations of your work, too.

    Gene Kelly was one of my favorite dancers, but I only saw him dancing with pretty women or alone – never with Jerry the mouse. Know that is funny.

    I sent a reply last week, but Mom said it didn’t come through. Hope this one does. Love you lots!

  5. b. kirby says:

    I think we have a professional cartoonist in the making here, H.o.p. Wow! You are really terrific at what you love to do – DRAW! And to think that you can put pictures together with animation, when you are only 9 years old! I’d say you are quite amazing! And your imagination is the biggest gift of all, because you will never run out of good ideas! (As long as the good guys always win, right?) RIGHT! YEAH!!! I think that’s wonderful that you make stuff up and put it down for everybody else to see, and enjoy. My, what adventures lie in store for you!!!! How fun for you, and for your “viewers”! 🙂 Good job, H.o.p.! I wish you well in all your endeavors. Go For It, honey~! 🙂 Much love, Purrr

  6. admin says:


    Thank you, Kirby. I really appreciate that. I work hard on my videos. Sometimes I draw silly stuff like people in the same car and there are a lot of them. I draw a lot. And thank you very much for saying that my blog is great. Please come back and visit again.


    Thank you, Oma. Wanna know what my favorite type of bug is? The doodle bug!! The doodle bug doodles. Get it! I got ya. It’s also called a pill bug. I really saw Gene Kelly dance with a cartoon mouse. It’s true!

  7. Oma says:

    H.O.P. I don’t know how you do it! I can’t wait to see the conclusion of your bionicle animation. I do hope the white one escapes! But I have to wait to find out, huh.

    You’re a great joke teller, too. I’ve never seen a doodle bug doodle, just like I’ve never seen Gene Kelly dance with a cartoon mouse. I suppose I’ve missed out on a lot of fun things.
    Love you lots and lots!

  8. admin says:

    Thank you. The way to see that incredible animation is to go to Animate ID. It’s this place I go to to watch old animations. You’ll find the video by looking for an animation of a cartoon mouse with a real person.

    I’m making stuff with modeling clay right now. I just made some modeling clay burp! Isn’t that unusual?

    Love H.o.p.

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