Scratch Project

I always loved Felix the Cat, I didn’t know that much about the entire history of the little kitty. But thanks to the Felix the Cat website and Wikipedia I have a chunk of history about him. It is unknown who created him, but it begins with a prototype character named Master Tom. For unknown reasons his name was changed to Felix the Cat. After the oldest cartoons of him he was changed in design that made him cuter. His first TV appearance was used to do stuff like adjust the TV, he was a 13 inch high figure. My Scratch project above has images of it. Before he got the Magic Bag of Tricks he starred in three cartoons that were in color. The first was “Felix the Cat – The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg.”

And “Felix the Cat in Bold King Cole.”

And the last one being “Neptune Nonsense.”

And then he got his famous Magic Bag of Tricks. After his successful TV series with the magic bag, he had an animated film based on it. Not that much is known about the making of it except the fact it was made in 1986 and released in 1991. There was a trailer for it where it has prototype film of it.

And that’s all for now.