Let’s get to talking about animation I watch. “Convict Concerto” is about this Woodpecker named Woody. Guess what? The enemy is a robber. I like the animation because it’s funny. The funniest part is when the policeman sits on a lot of money. In the old days they called it dough. And the Woodpecker says, “Psst, there’s the dough. Dough de oh de oh de.” You have to watch the video to see more.

  1. jooks says:

    Woody the Woodpecker was a real favorite of mine when I was little. But I don’t remember ever having seen this cartoon.

    Do you know why money is sometimes called dough? Money sometimes is also called bread. The idea is everyone needs bread to live and so everyone needs money to live. It’s a basic need. Dough is a word for uncooked bread.

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